Hunter Valentine

On September 13, my friend Caelia and I went to see the AMAZING Hunter Valentine at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta! Now I’ll admit I’d never heard of them prior to seeing them on this season of The Real L Word, but I pretty much fell in love with them!!! So when I found out that they’d be doing a show in Atlanta I knew I had to be in the building. The ladies are incredibly gorgeous in person and soooo nice! I had the best time that I’ve had in a really long time!

So, ummm, you must keep reading after the jump to see the most amazing part of the night…

The first opening act of the night was the lovely group Vyie! Can we all just take a second to appreciate how gorgeous their lead singer is. I don’t know her name and this picture doesn’t even begin to do her justice, but she is fabulous!!! I can honestly say that their group is very different, it’s in fact quite difficult for me to describe their sound, but I promise that I mean this in a really good way. The lead singer’s voice is very smoky, very sultry, very smooth, and wonderful to listen to. Another thing that I really love about this band are their instrumentals, OMG OMG OMG, they were amazing, just the perfect understated, yet get you moving type of beats! Love them. Definitely check them out if you’ve never heard of them!!!

Next up was the Sexual Side Effects! Um, all I can say is that this group knew how to ROCK OUT!!! Their lead singer was insanely amazing. Like words just don’t do them justice!!! Their entire set was so much fun, filled with amazing music, and everyone in the band had so much character! I absolutely loved them!!! By the time they left the stage they had the entire crowd so hyped up for Hunter Valentine it wasn’t even funny. They were perfect, just perfect, and their lead singer is just so bad-ass! Like, you go girl, you’ve got it!!!!

Okay, okay, okay!!! I know you’ve been waiting like a school-girl for recess!!! Haha. But seriously, Hunter Valentine is soooo amazing. Like, I know I’ve probably said amazing a thousand times throughout this post, but they really were. Like these ladies just make me want to take up the bass guitar and hit the road!!! I don’t think I’ve ever rocked out so hard in my whole entire life. I seriously couldn’t control my body!!!

So they started out the show with “Scarface” which is one of my favorite songs by them and I just literally couldn’t stop my body from moving! It was insane. Everybody in the crowd was feeling it, the entire vibe was electric!!! Every song was AWESOME, I wasn’t disappointed once. Not.One.Single.Time. And um, let me just point out how absolutely hot and gorgeous they all are!!! And then on top of that, they’re so nice, funny, humble, and sweet. It was great, and HONESTLY top 3 concerts of my life. (P.s. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my day).

I could seriously go on and on about what an amazing time I had and how awesome they were, but I’m sure you guys would get tired of reading all of the “awesomes”, “amazings”, “incredibles”, etc. Plus I took like over 100 pictures, but had to condense them down into like 21 pictures for this post, so hopefully those pictures will give you a glimpse of how great of a time I had.

Okay, so let me just go ahead and skip to the most AMAZING AMAZING part of the night. We thought Hunter Valentine had performed their last song of the night, turns out they weren’t done, they came back on stage and asked who wanted to come on stage. I don’t think I ever raised my hand so quick in my life and VERO, freaking VERO pointed at me straight away and told me to come on stage!!!! Yes, you read that correctly Vero picked me to come on stage!! I was on stage right beside Kiyomi and Aimee, rocking out like my life depended on it! Luckily for me, my friend Caelia took my camera and snapped away and in turn captured one of craziest/most awesome/most fun moments of my life!!!!

There’s a large part of me that still can’t wrap my mind around this happening. Although I was completely present in the moment, it was like some outer-body experience. I know that may sound cliche, but it’s the truth! Every time I think about it I feel super hyped up on in the inside!!! I went to this concert just hoping to have an amazing time and MAYBE get the chance to take photos with them and ended up on stage with them with pictures to prove it!! How AWESOME!!!!! I mean Vero gave me a hug, like I’m in love!!! I had the best time!

You seriously have to see them live if you haven’t! I promise you won’t regret it!!!!

Here are some more photos! Hope you all enjoy!!!!

One question…WAS THIS REAL LIFE?????

With Love,

Brittni Pope


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