Fight or Flight?

When the time comes for you to fight or fly what will you choose?

When someone puts you in a position to fight for yourself and EVERYTHING you stand for what will you choose?

When you are faced with the choice to break free of oppression or remain oppressed what will you choose?

When you are given the opportunity to prove your own strength to yourself or remain meek out of fear what will you choose?

What will you choose? What will you choose when there’s no time to plot your course of action? When you must decide quickly if you want to react or respond?

Those split second decisions can mark the course of your life…

I learned this. I reacted. I chose to fight. I chose to fight for myself and for my beliefs. I chose to break free of oppression. This split second marked one of the scariest and most difficult situations I have had to face in my adult life thus far and I chose strength.

I am strong. I am an incredibly strong woman.

In that split second, I marked the course for my life as a fighter. Not physically, but in a much higher sense. In that split second I realized what it was like to act without fear. To stand up for what I believed in and believed to be right and was prepared for whatever the consequence may be. Consequences always follow actions, but now I see it goes so much deeper than that. To readily accept persecution, isolation, and any other perceived negative course of action. To be fully prepared to go down swinging for what you believe in. After the fact, it may feel really scary, that limbo of emotion that you find yourself in. When everything has time to settle in and you have time to think. And worst of all you question your completely unfiltered actions.

Within this exact limbo of emotion I posed a very important question to myself.

“Brittni, were acting you irrationally or were you acting vehemently rational?”

This is a very important question because there are times when we act on impulse and make choices we regret and then there are times when we act on impulse and make choices that we don’t regret. Now sometimes the fear of the potential consequence may drive you to regret your actions, but it was within those quiet moments of my mind and sharing this experience with those who are closest to me that I realized, I didn’t regret my actions. Not one single bit. This doesn’t mean that I don’t think I could have handled the situation better, but I realized and gave myself permission to accept that I acted vehemently rational and that ultimately I was in complete control of my actions and felt that I did what was completely necessary to protect myself.

I refuse to fault myself for protecting myself. I refuse.

I forgive myself.

Throughout this experience I have learned that in tumultuous and threatening situations, you must be prepared to act in a split second. Sometime situations that you could have never predicted arise and you must respond. It is human to react. It is Spirit to respond. You must practice responding from Spirit so in those split seconds that practice turns into training, you’re ready.


It’s okay to be a fighter. You can still be a fighter and be successfully aligned with Spirit. Spirit gave you a voice, within you Spirit instilled the “Fight or Flight” response, it’s okay to use it when necessary.

There’s a difference between choosing your battles and being too afraid to enter battle.

Choose your battles. Monitor where your actions come from (ego or Spirit). Own your inherit right to protect yourself and your beliefs. Own the fact that you have power, even if you feel that you are in a situation that makes you “believe” you’re powerless. You are not.

Fight for what you believe in.

“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.” -Rosa Parks

With SO Much Love,

Brittni Pope


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